Glassboards have become a necessity

in healthcare to effectively and aesthetically track patient information. Art Expressions’ CareTracker™ boards are the top choice for facilities who need easy-to-use, hygienic communication systems that are customized for their needs.

Why healthcare facilities choose CareTracker™

Easy to use

CareTracker boards come pre-assembled for quick installation.


The tempered glass used is 4x stronger than “regular” annealed glass.

Easy to maintain

Non-porous surface means boards will not ghost or stain when written on.


Lifespan is far longer than dry erase boards or back-printed glassboards.

Versatile, customized boards tailored to your requirements

  • Sizes
  • Design
  • Mounting Options


CareTracker boards are available in four standard sizes, and can also be ordered custom for any projects that fall beyond beyond those dimensions.

Contact us today for more information about CareTracker customization.


Every CareTracker insert is custom designed by our in-house team to fit the needs of the staff and complement the design of the unit.  Multiple language options are available.

Contact us today for more information about CareTracker customization.

Mounting Options

All CareTracker boards use a built-in wall cleat and a lock-down bracket to fasten the glassboard to the wall.  The glass writing surface is locked-in place with stainless steel stand-offs or cradled in a channel with side clips for a changeable option.

Contact us today for more information about CareTracker customization.

Our customer-focused process delivers results

No job is too big or too small

We will work with you to determine the sizes, quantities, and specialty items associated with the project. We are available for site visits, as needed.

Determine the layout

Our in-house graphic design team will work with you and your team to determine the most effective layout for your project that complements the interiors of your facility. All designs are customized for your specific project with multiple language options available.

Approval and production

Once you are satisfied with your design, we send the project through fabrication. Where we monitor and provide updates on your project’s progress the entire way.


When your order is ready for installation, we will coordinate with your team to determine the best possible install time. Our experienced installers will use the utmost care to securely hang each glassboard to your specifications.

Leading facilities that use CareTracker boards

“The images and colors coordinate with the rooms perfectly. The Care Tracker boards fit naturally in the hospital’s décor.”
Deidra, Memorial Medical Center
“Care Tracker’s flexibility is great. Being able to change the inserts without having to replace the whole unit has saved us both time and money.”
Angela, Franciscan St Francis
“The Care Tracker boards have been an immense help. The staff are saying how easy it has become to keep patients informed of their care.”
Donna, Advocate Christ Medical Center
“We’ve used other marker boards in the past and they always end staining. But the Care Tracker boards still look as clean and clear as when they were installed.”
Linnea, Advocate Aurora Health Group

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